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Personal Duty free Allowance

(A) Personal Effect

(1)Portable amateur camera and its relevant accessories (1 Set)
(2) Golf set not more than (15) sticks (1 Set),Tennis Rackets or Badminton Rackets (2Nos),
Fishing rod with roller wheel, string, artificial bait and other accessories (1 Set)
(3) Bicycle ( 1 No)
(4) Reasonable numbers of drugs prescribed by a doctor for personal use
except prohibited drugs along the trip
(5) Varieties of liquor not more than ( 2 liters)
(6) Perfume not more than ( 150 ml)
(7) Cigarette not more than ( 400 rolls),Cigar not mare than (50 rolls),Pipe tobacco not more than (250 gm)
(8) Jewelleries permitted by Central Bank of Myanmar for Myanmar Citizens to take out on leaving Myanmar
(9) Portable Audio player for passengers use (1 No)
(10) Portable Video Camera, HD Cam, DV Cam for memorable recording and Spare part dry cell (1 Set)
(11) Portable computer and its accessories (1 No)
(12) Electrical and electronic goods for passengers not more than the value of USD 500
(13) 32 inches TV (1 No)

(14) Unrecorded CD disc (Large) (6Nos), Unrecorded CD disc (Small) (12Nos),Unrecorded Mini disc (6Nos)
    Unrecorded video tape (6Nos),Unrecorded cassette tape (6Nos),Unrecorded tape for DV Cam, HD Cam            (6Nos), Portable Data Storage Thumb Drive (2Nos)

(B) Goods for personal use, valued under USD 500 shall be exempted from
Customs duties and taxes if the Customs officer thinks fit.

(C) The following items brought in by the foreigners working for the
Governmental organizations and foreign investment companies shall
be exempted from customs duties and taxes for one year as temporary
importation if the passenger produced a written undertaking, the goods
will be taken out on their departure within one year.
(1) VCR (or) DVD player (1 No)
(2) TV (1 No)
(3) Portable Radio (or) Cassette (except Home Theatre) (1 No)
(4) Laptop computer (or) Notebook (1 No)
(5) Operational Tools and equipment

(D) Personal belongings of demise abroad will also be granted allowance as
a passenger.

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